Instrumental music



Premiere: 23rd of May 2015 in Korskirken, Bergen

(2015) for clarinet, violin and piano (ca. 14′)

Comissioned by Inga Beate Bøe and Brage Sæbø, with funding from the GC Rieber Fondene

Victory Rolls

Premiere: 19th of October 2014 in Fensal, Bergen


(2014) for jazz orchestra (ca. 7′)

Commissioned by Vestlandske Selskabsorkester

Dragen i Hundre

Premiere: 18th of October 2014 in Kongesalen, Radisoon Blu Royal Hotel, Bergen

(2014) for wind band (ca. 5′)

Comissioned by Dragefjellets Musikkorps


Premiere: 11th of August 2014 at The 46th International Horn Symposium in London, England


(2014) for 5 french horns (ca. 10′)

Comissioned by Bergen Filharmoniske Orkesters Horngruppe

Jubileumskantate for Studentersamfunnet i Bergen

Premiere: 27th of February 2014 in Logen, Bergen


(2014) for SATB soloists, choir SSAATTBB, brass quintet and timpani (ca. 10′)

Commissioned by Studentersamfunnet i Bergen

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Premiere: 12th of January 2014 in Korskirken, Bergen


(2013) for horn soloist and symphony orchestra (ca. 6′)



(2013) for horn ensemble (ca. 5′)


Commissioned by Norsk Hornklubb

Nocturnal Adventures


I. Fanfare

II. Nightmare

III. Nocturne

IV. Adventure


(2013) for brass band (ca. 15′)


Commissioned by Midtre Sotra Skolekorps and  Sotra Vest Skolekorps

Three Portraits


(2013) for horn soloist, double quintet and percussion (ca. 20′)


Composed for horn player Iselin Lande




I. Fanfare

II. Nocturne

III. Scherzo

IV. Ominous

V. Brisk

VI. Elegy

VII. Cadenza


(2013) for trumpet, horn, trombone and string quartet (ca. 22′)


Composed for trumpet player Magnus J. Sandåg

Maximilians Morgenpromenade


(2013) for wind band (ca. 3:30′)

Fanfare for Brass Quintet


(2013) for brass quintet (ca. 2′)

Song for Violin and Piano


(2012) for violin and piano (ca. 5′)


Composed for violinist Mara Šmiukše

Sonata for Horn Family and Piano


(2012) for Horn in F, Wagnertuba in Bb, Wagnertuba in F & Piano (ca. 13′)


Composed for horn player Asgeir Søfteland



(2012) for wind band (ca. 5′)

Musica Turpiculus


(2012) for brass trio and actor (ca. 3′)


Concerto for alto saxophone and symphonic winds


I. Fanfare and Theme

II. Romaza

III. Saxofouzo


a – (2011) for alto saxophone soloist and symphonic wind ensemble (ca. 14:30′)

b – (2012) for alto saxophone soloist and piano (ca. 11′)


Composed for saxophone player Morten Norheim


Theme from “Sverre Krøpling”


(2011) for english horn, clarinet in Bb & string quartet (ca. 5:30′)

Master of Bom


(2011) for bass clarinet, bass trombone, tuba & percussion (ca. 3′)


Composed for the Bottom End Quartet

Demoralis Tacticus


(2011) for orchestra, 2-2-2-2-4-3-3-1-perc-strings (ca. 7:30′)



(2011) for wind band (ca. 3′)

A Little Knight Music


(2011) for trumpet in Bb, 2 horns in F, 3 percussion (ca. 8:30′)

Suite fra Hybelboeren


(2011) for windtentet and percussion (ca. 16′)



(2011) for orchestra (ca. 3′)


Commissioned by Ungdomssymfonikerne i Nord-Trøndelag

Doctorate Promotion Fanfare for UIB


(2010) for 2 trumpets in Bb, trombone and floor tom (ca. 4′)


Winner of UIB’s fanfare competition 2010

Fanfare for FMKV


(2010) for wind band (ca. 3:30′)

Film music


Mare (2017)

Directed by René Bjerregaard

Produced by Broadstone Film


Live orchestra

Ingen Manns Land (2015)

Directed by Jørgen Rusten Nanbjør

Produced by Rusten-Spiker Film


Live orchestra

SKAM (2012)

Directed by Sander Mathisrud


Live winds, strings & hardanger fiddle, samples

Skitt Fiske (2011)

Directed by Kristoffer Hedemark


Live winds & guitars, samples

Sverre Krøpling (2011)

Directed by Sindre Ulvær Mosand


Live winds & strings, samples

Oppgjøret (2010)

Directed by Emil Kristoffersen Børø & SIndre Ulvær Mosand


Live winds & percussion, samples